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Elias Rumelis, the founder of the ER-Denim fashion label, has always had a visionary instinct for new trends and an all-consuming passion for fashion and textiles. He recognised at an early stage that his career was destined to be in the field of fashion. For over two decades now the creative freethinker and professed “jeans-andtrousers enthusiast” worked tirelessly as a producer and designer for various exclusive international fashion labels:

365 days a year. 24 hours a day. All over the world. Yet all the time Rumelis dreamt of setting up his own exclusive fashion label which would reflect his own individual style and allow him to give his creativity free rein.

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However it was ultimately his two children who gave him the push he needed to follow his own exclusive vision and establish his own label. As a way of making up in some small way for the long work-related absences from his family, Elias Rumelis would often return from his business trips with jeans for his children that he had designed and produced himself - jeans which had his own initials emblazoned on them.

On their 11th birthday in 2014 the Rumelis twins asked their father why he didn’t create his own brand. For Rumelis this was a lightbulb moment, or the spark which ignited the fire. In 2015 the vision became a brand: “ER-Denim” is the name of the exclusive denim label which not only features Rumelis’ initials in the brand name but also carries the designer’s unique “style DNA”.




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